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Building The Foundations of Your Skills Business

When you start selling your skills online instead of one-on-one, it's a big change. You need to know what many people want, not just one person. Here's the tricky part: People often don't say what they really want or worry about. So, how do you find out? Here are some easy ways: Look at Reddit: People talk more openly here because they can be anonymous. You'll find real stories about what people struggle with. Ask smart questions: Instead of asking "What do you want?", try asking "What do you...

Essential email series for creating online customers

The heart of your business is your email list. It doesn't matter if that list came from a newsletter, a free lead magnet, or if all of them are buyers of a lower priced product, your goal is to keep them coming back to make more purchases and keep they loyalty as long as possible. Doing that with daily emails can be exhausting so you need a set of reliable, automated series that will do a lot of the leg-work for you, especially in the early days of someone joining your list when they're most...

The Three Free Tools I'm Using To Build "Selling Skills"

Almost everyone I talk to who is moving to selling a skill online, gets hung up on the technology. They're going round and round the same circle. "I need to choose teh right technology so I don't get overwhelmed as I grow." But: "I'm not sure if this is going to work, so I don't want to take on expensive subscriptions in case I only make a few sales and I'm stuck paying more than I'm earning." Here's what I've discovered from working with several people who made the leap to selling millions...